Studio Makeover

We have been very fortunate at Ayr Hospital Radio to have the financial support of  the Hospital Lottery and the League of Friends. Their invaluable help and continuous campaigning has allowed the Hospital Radio studio to receive a complete refit. On behalf of those wonderful people, Ayr hospital radio would like to extend our gratitude for such a wonderful contribution. The photographic evidence is there for all to see as Mike and Ann Manley,Ken Bell, Lenny Harper, Jim Higgins and Brian our Electrical engineer, have made a huge difference in such a short space of time.

Look at the before and after shots of our magic decks:

Ayr Hospital Radio Studio



Young presenters on the spot

With the studio undergoing some refurbishments, we take the time to interview one of our young presenters, Ewan McQueen, to see what makes him tick!

What show do you present and how long have you been a presenter for?

I present the Sunday afternoon show from 3-5 and I have done so since March 2007. This was after completing a weeks work experience at the studio in the January of that year.

Have you ever had a guest on, and who would be your ideal guest, celebrity or otherwise?

I have actually never had a guest on but my ideal guest would be Ally Mccoist. As a Rangers fan myself, I would love to hear about his time playing for the club and he would also provide some superb laughs for the patients no doubt.

Where do you work/Study?

I currently study at Glasgow Caledonian University where I am in my 2nd year of a journalism course. Last summer I worked at Royal Troon as a caddy and I am planning on doing so again.

Were you involved in the Summer collections of 2010, and how did you feel the people responded at the various collection points?

I went to two of those collections you have mentioned (Asda and Kyle Centre). Personally, I thought the response was fantastic at both venues. I was really pleased so many people gave us even just small change on a busy Saturday afternoon and they were very engaging and many wanted to know more.

Are you looking forward to seeing the new studio and how will it inspire your shows?

I am very eager to see the new studio as recent pictures look superb. The modern style of the studio will inspire me to possibly play some modern music, but I do expect to still play legends.

Ewan is third from the left

Introducing Our Latest Presenter

We took some time to ask James Bailey some questions about his experiences in the Ayr hospital radio presenter’s chair!

1. I’m on every Monday 5pm till 7pm
2. I play music from the movies, including songs from the soundtracks and instrumental music from the scores.
3. I had used record players before and I love that we have them as it wouldn’t be a proper radio station without
4. Juggling studying at uni with the radio can occasionally be difficult but I do enjoy it.
5. My sister used to be a part of the hospital radio service and her enjoyment of it lead to me taking part.
6. I love the freedom to play the music I want and enjoy bringing guests in.
7. I would be interested in streaming live music on the internet
8. Top 5 lists are always difficult and I will change my mind 5 minutes after posting this but will give it a go
Kermit the Frog- Rainbow Connection
Cat Stevens- Father and Son
The Pixies- Where is my mind
Dooley Wilson- As Time Goes By
Ben E. King- Stand By Me

Ayr Radio Introduces Three Way Football Broadcast

Live broadcasts, interviews, football commentary on live football games, and now the 3 way link-up with Old Trafford. We are sending our presenters around the grounds now on Saturdays afternoons.

Our radio manager, Lenny Harper, a loyal Manchester Utd fan was at the recent Manchester fixture against Blackburn Rovers, and  joined our Killy World  pre-match show featuring Mike Manley and the commentary team. Once again a hospital radio first the 3 way communication increased our listener base and offers some of the best in live sports entertainment!

The phone will be hot again this weekend,  as Lenny will call in for the big match between Arsenal and Manchester.  Whilst normal service will hoepfully resume with Ayr United commentary team desperate for the home tie to go ahead.

Happy Birthday Ayr Hospital Radio

It all started on 28 November 1953.   Ayr hospital radio are celebrating 57 years of  hospital radio service, thanks to the efforts of many volunteers. Not forgetting the vision of Mike and Ann Manley, whose sterling work has maintained the radio, and seen it move up to the newer  hospital.

Our presenters are indebted to the Manley’s and also the ongoing support of many volunteers, who contribute throughout the year. This allows us to braodcast live shows and live football comentary on Saturday sports show.

So, keep up supporting the station, and here’s to the next 43 years when we complete a century!!


The radio presenters are looking forward…

The radio presenters are looking forward to a Christmas night out, the year has seen more and more presenters joining. Recent additions to the Ayr hospital radio team include James Bailey. He has warmed to the task of presenting and like all the presenters is really excited about the up and coming night out.

Whatever the occasion, we are always keen to receive interest from new presenters so feel free to follow us on our facebook page and leave us a message with requests for the radio. We are live on air 7 days a week.

This was a very special weekend for ente…

This was a very special weekend for entertainment on Ayr Hospital Radio. In place of the regular football commentary from Kilmarnock,  there was a live phone-in from our very own Lenny Harper who was attending the match at Old Trafford. Lenny was able to update the listeners, with the team news ahead of Manchester United’s home tie against West Bromwich Albion. Also, he shed some light on the decision to drop Wayne Rooney from the starting eleven.

This was a small part of the sport’s show that will be growing into a regular feature, we only hope that Lenny can bring MUFC some more luck in future as the game ended in a draw.

Meanwhile, local talent, Paul Scully was in the studio, giving some really great renditions of Old Classics, “ The old man” written by Phil Coulter , and then several tracks penned by Paul Scully himself, including “Childhood”, an affectionate account of growing up in Ireland when the ideals of the time centred around Michael Collins vision of Ireland. Another track that Paul wrote, “ Day & Night” which he wrote over 7 years ago. “ This is it” a catchy upbeat track, Paul explained to the listeners, that he wrote the track in just one hour!

There is a lot more to come from Paul, and also part of his band “The Basking Sharks”